Our Informatica Training in Chennai aims to teach the complete Data Warehousing Concepts in a easier way. We are the Best Informatica Training Institute in Chennai in-terms of syllabus and expert teaching. We are covering almost all the transformations which is required for companies in Informatica.

Informatica is one of the leading data integration software available in the IT market today.

Each passing day, more and more companies are joining the Informatica band wagon for achieving Data Warehousing through ETL.

Informatica is one of the most widely used ETL tools for data warehousing and business intelligence. This is the tool that provides DW solution to more than 70% of all DWBI projects today. Informatica is emerging in the market and overcoming all challenges of DWBI compared to any of its competitors.

If you are looking forward to a promising career in DWBI look no further this is your tool and we are your destination.

Informatica is one of the fastest growing ETL tools and is way ahead in terms of market and business than any other ETL tool today.

Here at Besant Technologies we will help you master this tool with interactive sessions. The advantage of mastering Informatica here is that, the sessions will be covered by faculty working in live ETL projects thus giving you an insight into how this ETL tool used in today’s business.

So if you are looking for a promising IT career for a long time, then look no further, ETL is your answer and Besant Technologies is your solution.

Please feel free to contact us for any further queries and we will connect you with our faculty.

Informatica Training Syllabus

  • Data Warehouse Introduction
  • Power Center Components
    • Designer
    • Repository Manager
    • Workflow Manager
    • Workflow Monitor
    • Power Center Admin Console
  • Informatica Concepts and Overview
    • Informatica Architecture
    • Informatica(Introduction)
    • Source Analyzer
    • Target Designer
    • Transformation Developer
    • Mapping Designer
    • Mapplet Designer
    • Task developer
    • Worklet Designer
    • Workflow Designer
  • Sources
    • Working with relational Sources
    • Working with Flat Files
    • Targets
    • Working with Relational Targets
    • Working with Flat file Targets
  • Transformations - Active and Passive Transformations
    • Expression
    • Lookup --Different types of lookup Caches
    • Sequence Generator
    • Filter
    • Joiner
    • Sorter>
    • Rank
    • Router
    • Aggregator
    • Source Qualifer
    • Update Strategy
    • Normalizer
    • Union Transformation
    • Slowly Changing Dimension
      • SCD Type1
      • SCD Type2 -- Date, Flag and Version
      • SCD Type3
    • Workflow Manger
      • Creating Reusable tasks
      • Workflows, Worklets & Sessions
      • Tasks
        • Session
        • Assignment task
        • Control Task
        • Event raise task
        • Event wait task
        • Timer task
    • Monitoring workflows and debugging errors

    We have weekly demo classes for Informatica, do feel free to give us a call and drop in.